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Question 1: What is the major advantage of a hash table? (Asked by Silicon Magic Corp. people)
   Answer: The major advantage of a hash table is its speed. Because the hash function is to take a range of key values and transform them into index values in such a way that the key values are distributed randomly across all the indices of a hash table.
   Question 2: What are the techniques that you use to handle the collisions in hash tables?(Asked by Silicon Magic Corp. people)
   Answer: We can use two major techniques to handle the collisions. They are open addressing and separate chaining. In open addressing, data items that hash to a full array cell are placed in another cell in the array. In separate chaining, each array element consist of a linked list. All data items hashing to a given array index are inserted in that list.
   Question 3: In Unix OS, what is the file server? (Asked by Silicon Magic Corp. people)
   Answer: The file server is a machine that shares its disk storage and files with other machines on the network.
   Question 4: What is NFS? What is its job?(Asked by Silicon Magic Corp. people)
   Answer: NFS stands for Network File System. NFS enables filesystems physically residing on one computer system to be used by other computers in the network, appearing to users on the remote host as just another local disk.
   Question 5: What is CVS? List some useful CVS commands.(Asked by Silicon Magic Corp.people)
   Anser: CVS is Concurrent Version System. It is the front end to the RCS revision control system which extends the notion of revision control from a collection of files in a single directory to a hierarchical collection of directories consisting of revision controlled files. These directories and files can be combined together to form a software release.
   There are some useful commands that are being used very often. They are
   cvs checkout
   cvs update
   cvs add
   cvs remove
   cvs commit


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